MAP Water: Achievers of the Bluedrop Water Awards

All consumers can be assured that drinking water in the municipality of Maluti –a-Phofung is complying with all standards. It could also be mentioned that at the latest assessment that was done by the Department of Water Affairs, the two water plants, one at Makwane in Qwaqwa and one at Wilge in Harrismith has been rated as the best performers in the Free state. That means the motto of Map Water (PTY) Ltd, Which is “leaders in water service provision” is still relevant. The vision of Map Water is to use sustainable, innovative approaches and best practice to provide sufficient, safe water and sanitation for all.

The following statement was made by Department of Water Affairs after two Blue Drops were awarded to Wilge and Makwane water systems: “Maluti-a-Phofung municipality, assisted by Map Water (PTY) Ltd. as the service provider, once again confirmed that they are competent and committed to continuously providing drinking water of excellent quality to residents within their area of supply. The Department takes pleasure to announce that the municipality maintains its Blue Drop status in the QwaQwa-Makwane and Harrismith-Wilge water supply systems. While the scores reflect that the required processes are in place to manage drinking water quality, the DWA Inspectors highlighted that the enthusiasm and commitment of all the staff responsible for drinking water quality management contributed significantly to the continued successes and implementation of good systems.”

The Blue Drop incentive-based regulation programme was locally developed for uniquely South African challenges within drinking water quality management. It is a programme which allows for proactive management and regulation of drinking water quality management through the introduction of excellence requirements based upon legislated norms and standards, as well as international best practice. It is important to note that a municipality in its entirety cannot be awarded Blue Drop / Green Drop status but rather a drinking water supply system according to the performance for that specific system. The Blue Drop / Green Drop Certification Programmes are based upon the core fundamentals of regulatory responsibilities. Municipalities (as Water Services Authorities) are compelled to provide the necessary information required to do a proper analysis on the quality of water services and performance.

Achievement : The latest Blue drop rating for water quality that was awarded to Maluti-a-Phohung Municipality were Wilge Water 99% , Makwane 99% and Fika Patso 96%.