Drinking Water Challenges at Maluti-a-Phofung: Qwaqwa and Kestel areas- Posted on: 17th December 2014

Water resources are ongoing challenges in South Africa and this is a scarcity resource in terms of water purification. Low rainfalls and the climate change are the main causes of low capacity levels of raw water storage/dams.

We experienced rain in the last few weeks which resulted in stirring settled mud at the Fika Patso storage dam during the rainwater-runoff and the plant was challenged with a difficulty in removal of the brownish colour in our final distributions. When Fika Patso plant was built in the 1980’s there were no provision for the muddy treatment process and this development lead to the approval of Fika Patso plant upgrade by the MAP Municipality. The project is currently underway at 60% completed.

For SAFETY consumption during these challenging times, MAP Water has intensified the monitoring compliance program, water samples are analyzed both at MaP Water internally laboratory and externally SANAS accredited for all parameters’ quality assurance. The brownish colour is not health risk for human consumption.

We are still expecting rain this festive season but ALL OUR QUALITY CONTROL MEASURES ARE IN PLACE.


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