Phuthaditjhaba Sewage

This is a water recycle and purification plant. Once water is purified, it is send into the supply system to provide clean and drinkable water to our community.

Metsi Matso Dam

This is one of the smallest dams in our municipality, supplying water to the greater Makwane and Lusaka area. It feeds the Makwane plant with water, this water is then purified and distributed into the community.

Fika Patso Dam

This is the largest dam in Maluti-a-Phofung supplying water to all places in Qwa-Qwa except for Bluegumbosch, Makwane and Lusaka.

Sterkfontein Dam

Sterkfontein Dam is one of the biggest dams in the country. It is a reserve dam owned by the Department of Water and Sanitation. The department mainly use such dams in cases of water emergencies such as sever drought conditions. However, this dam is used to supply water to Bluegumbosch and Kestel, and is also used to supply the rest of Qwa-Qwa with water in cases where Fika Patso runs dry.

Makwane Laboratory

This is a water treatment plant. It receives water from the Metsi Matso Dam and further supplies water to Makwane and Lusaka after purification.