About Us

MAP LM as a Water Services Authority (WSA) has established Maluti-a-Phofung Water (MaP Water) on the 01st November 2005 as a Water Services Provider (WSP) to address water and sanitation provision issues within its jurisdiction.

Since this entity was established Maluti-a-Phofung Water has achieved the following outstanding performance:

• Obtaining two blue drops in 2009 and 2011.
• Received an award from DWA for achieving on National level best data credibility.
• In 2010 MaP Water received an award for the best performing Municipality in the Free State.
• MaP LM being rated as the best performers in the Free State on green drop certification even with budget shortfalls.
• The entity performing excellent according to the service level agreement between MaP Water and MaP Municipality.
• Improved maintenance of assets and water system.
• The expertise of internal staff that were utilized to advice, assist and identify IDP projects within the municipality for the implementation for high quality water treatment and water systems improve the service delivery to the community.
• We have remained a NOSA 5 star safety rating within the boundaries of QwaQwa and we are in process to be audited for a NOSA grading for the entire area of jurisdiction.
• The entity has achieved unqualified audit opinion during the financial year 2012/2013 moving from disclaimer to unqualified with the efforts made by the whole team from entry level to top managers, their efforts lead to unqualified opinion.
• Effective water quality monitoring even with limited resources.
• Attending to more than 80% of customer queries within the customer charter time frames (According to the customer charter, MAP Water must respond to consumers’ queries within 48 hours).
• Having committed employees that are willing to put the entity first by working overtime.
• Retaining most of its skilled staff.
• Optimizing the operation of assets for effective service provision.
• Improving troubleshooting capabilities especially in areas affected by power failures and delayed project implementation.
• Minimizing the amount of vandalism to the assets under MAP Water’s jurisdiction with the limited security personnel.
• Set high targets to achieve and improve on its planning capabilities even with limited resources.

MaP Water relates to the community with the following:

• Map water conduct water awareness campaign to Schools, industries, communities and Projects conducted by the Municipality (EPWP and CWP).
• We also conduct roadshows to all wards around Maluti-a-Phofung.

We also notify the community of the water interruptions through following mode of communication:

• Local radio station (Qwaqwa Radio).
• National Radio Stations (Ofm and Lesedi fm).
• We also distribute information pamphlets in the affected areas.
• Loudhailer it’s also utilized to convey the message.

The community benefit from MaP Water’s programs in the following:

• Awareness Campaigns - Educate the community about water conservation.
• Monthly Road Shows – The community is afforded a platform to interact/lodge their queries/complaining on the challenges regarding issues of water and sanitation).

Future programs of the entity

• Transfer process management to ensure accessibility.
• Financial Sustainability.
• Operations management.
• Customer Relationship Management.
• Revenue Management.
• Human Resource, skills transfer, BEE and LED.

Opportunities available within the institution:

• Employment.
• Training to FET Colleges with N6 Certificate.
• Internships to graduates.
• Further study assistance to employees.
• Transformation of the company.
• Contribution to local emerging entrepreneurs.
• Education on Saving water and preserving water sources.
• Training of unemployed youth in collaboration with funding stakeholders on water care.
• Provide school going learners experience on the workings of company for future career decision making and importance of water in their lives.

Social Responsibility Programs:

• To coordinate the followings activities with all stakeholders within Maluti-a-Phofung jurisdiction: gender issues & disability programmes.
• Supply the stakeholders with branded bottled water when required and promotional material